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If you are a restaurateur who wants to improve your operations and add to your bottom line then you need John Foy. If you own or are considering ownership of a restaurant you will profit from consulting with him. Whether it is about location, staffing, payroll, management controls, menu development, wine programs, training or promoting your business, John Foy has the successful experience you need.

Private wine collectors can also draw on John Foy’s knowledge of wines, prices, values, and auction markets and auction houses.

John Foy has provided valuable advise to restaurant owners and potential owners in the areas of:

  • Restaurant Consulting
  • Culinary Development
  • Restaurant Training
  • Restaurant Marketing
  • Restaurant Business Planning
  • Restaurant Wine Consulting

John Foy is a chef, former owner of three award-winning restaurants, restaurant consultant, a former tax accountant with Price Waterhouse (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers), and an accomplished food and wine writer for periodicals such as:

grand award"You can be proud of this achievement. Not only is your wine list one of the best in the world, but our inspection determined that Restaurant Latour also excels in food, service and ambience." - Thomas Matthews, Executive Editor, Wine Spectator

Restaurant Latour’s owner Gene Mulvihill hired restaurant consultant John Foy to conceive a restaurant literally built around a mind-blowing inventory that’s 15 years in the making. Mission accomplished. Oh, the food’s terrific and there’s golf, too. You have gone to heaven." - Anthony Giglio - Wine & Spirits

He was the chef and owner of three restaurants,
The Tarragon Tree; Le Delice, and Sonoma Grill;
each had a significant impact on dining in New Jersey.

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