Summer parties call for informal foods and good value- quaffing wines such as those from the Osborne 2008 Tempra Tantrum line.

Since 1772, the Osborne family has been a leading producer of Spanish wines and spirits. Its latest creations are four red wines bearing the Tempra Tantrum label. Each wine is a blend of 60 percent tempranillo, one of Spain’s most important grapes, and 40 percent of another grape: merlot, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, or grenache.

In spring, Rocio Osborne came to New York to present this newest line of wines. Educated in finance and law, she returned to her family’s roots of winemaking. The grapes are grown on Osborne’s 2,500-acre estate in the Tierra de Castilla region, 60 miles southwest of Madrid. The family chose this location to build its 21st-century winery as the estate is outside of the vineyard areas regulated by Spanish wine laws. This freedom to plant whatever it wanted and make the wines without any restrictions, allowed for the creation of the Tempra Tantrum selections.

All four wines were fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. A winemaking technique called micro-oxygenation has been applied; this process pumps oxygen into the wine during fermentation, softening the tannins. Traditionally, oak barrels do this, but it costs a lot for the barrels and takes years for the maturation to occur. Micro-oxygenation accelerates the wine’s maturity and eliminates the barrel expense. It is normal for lower-priced wines to use this technique, but controversial for more prestigious wines to employ it.

The four 2008 Tempra Tantrum wines have colors ranging from bright cherry to black cherry. At one end of the taste spectrum is the grenache-tempranillo blend with its lively cherry flavor; the other bookend, so to speak, is the more structured cabernet sauvignon-tempranillo wine. Between those two are the palate-pleasing shiraz-tempranillo with its slightly spicy and plum taste, and the merlot-tempranillo, offering a mild herbal and cherry flavor profile. All have a medium body, dry finish, and a price tag as carefree as the wine.

Any of the 2008 Tempra Tantrum wines will be enjoyable with a plate of sliced cold roasted pork with a dollop of Dijon mustard and grilled garden zucchini, eggplant and red peppers drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil from Spain.

The 2008 Tempra Tantrum wines retail for approximately $9.99