The second installment of sparkling wines for Holiday festivities delivers a good value wine from Tasmania and an exquisite rose’ from Schramsberg, the winery that launched California into the orbit of world-class sparkling wines.

Tasmania is not a wine region you may be familiar with, but you will want to be after tasting Jansz Premium Cuvee non-vintage sparkling wine.

Tasmania has the coolest climate vineyard area in Australia. Its climate produces grapes with high acidity, making them ideal for sparkling wine. Winemaker Natalie Fryar makes the Jansz Premium Cuvee non-vintage from a classic Champagne blend of chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. She uses the Champagne method of performing the second fermentation in the bottle, and ages the wine up to two years, which is a standard time in Champagne for its non-vintage wine.

Her efforts produced a sparkling wine with appealing fresh bread and citrus aromas. The very crisp citrus flavor and texture is combined with a balanced, dry finish.

Jansz Premium Cuvee non-vintage offers consumers a Champagne-style wine at less than a Champagne price. It’s a winning combination for Holiday dining and entertaining.

The Jansz Premium Cuvee non-vintage retails for approximately $23.

Holiday dining is the perfect moment to serve the 2006 Schramsberg Brut Rose’.

In 1965, Jack and Jamie Davies bought Napa Valley’s historic Schramsberg property with its abandoned Victorian house and vineyards. Their goal was to make America’s first world-class sparkling wines using the Champagne method. They would make America’s first Blanc de Blancs, the Champagne term for a 100 percent chardonnay wine, and follow that with our country’s first Blanc de Noir, the Champagne term for a sparkling wine based on pinot noir.

In 1972, President Richard Nixon served the 1969 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs as a “Toast To Peace” with China’s Premier Zhou Enlai, and every president since has served Schramsberg sparkling wines at official White House dinners.

In 1996, Davies’ son, Hugh, joined the winemaking team. Two years later, his father passed away, and his mother died in 2008. Hugh Davies produces a range of sparkling wines, from the Prestige Cuvee J. Schram, named for the founder of the original winery, to Mirabelle, a second line of sparkling wines that is slightly fruiter and sweeter than Schramsberg.

A beautiful salmon color is the first impression of the Schramsberg 2006 Brut Rose’. Its tiny bubbles lift appealing scents of orange rind and red berries. Pinot noir constitutes two-thirds of the blend, and gives the wine subtle cherry and strawberry flavors. Chardonnay is the other third, and contributes an elegant texture and mildly tangy citrus flavor.

Exquisitely balanced, the Schramsberg 2006 Brut Rose’ is a stunning aperitif in a tall flute champagne glass, and an ideal partner with a main course of roasted veal or pork.

The 2006 Schramsberg Brut Rose retails for approximately $39.